Centreless Burnishing Machines

“SUBRTO” has been developed State-of-the-art Centerless burnishing machine for rapid production of external burnishing of shafts like shocker, rotor, shaft pins etc…

Drive roller of the machine is made of tungsten carbide; the main drive shaft is rigidly supported by precision roller bearings. Machine is provided A/C variable frequency drive for variable speed of main drive roller. And PLC for various automatic functions like counter/ timer etc… Automatic loading and unloading unit can be made available for mass production.

Machine has burnishing heads that are quickly interchangeable for a different diameter range. The time require to change a burnishing head is approx – 5 minutes.

  • Shock Absorber Piston Rods
  • Mixie Shafts
  • Speedometer Shaft
  • Dental Drill
  • Rotor Shaft
  • Spool Value
Standard Features
  • Semi automatic
  • AC frequency drive
  • LM guide ways
  • Hand leaver switch
  • Single drive unit for both spindles
  • Hydraulic power pack unit
  • Auto/manual lubrication
  • Carbide rollers
Burnishing Capacity
  • Shaft Diameter from 2.5 to 60mm
Technical Data

Main Drive Roller 3 ( Horse Power ) A/C MOTOR
Hydraulic Motor 1 ( Horse Power ) A/C MOTOR
Coolent Motor 0.25 ( Horse Power ) A/C MOTOR
Drive Roller RPM Variable speed (Equiped with A/C Frequency Drive)
Roller Pressure Variable
Feed Rate Variable 0-1.5 Per Second
Flooe Space 1200 X 770 mm
Machine Height 1425 mm
Weight 900 Kgs